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Engine Repair & Brake Work Based in Palm Desert, California

When you need European auto repair specialists, bring your vehicle to Sports Cars Garage in Palm Desert, California. Our highly skilled technicians provide a wide range of maintenance and repair services, including engine repair and brake work. Contact us today for service.

Engine Repair

It only takes about an hour to perform a diagnostic check to determine what the problem with your car's engine is. Once the issue is determined, you can count on us to repair all types of engine problems. We also clean engines for optimum performance.

Brake Installation & Repair

Ensure the safety of everyone who rides in your vehicle by making sure your brakes are operating correctly at all times. You can count on us to service all brake components when we install new brakes.
European Luxury Auto Repair at Sports Car Garage in Palm Desert, California

Carburetor Repair & Rebuild

You will most likely know when there is a problem with your vehicle's carburetor due to the fuel smell within your car. You may also find that your vehicle is hard to start. If you experience either of these issues, bring your vehicle in for repair or replacement of your carburetor.
Contact us today in Palm Desert, California, to request service for engine repair, brake work, or any of our other auto repair services.